My Projects

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In 2021 it was time to look over the fleet, and so the Sukhoi 26 got changed out for the new modern Zivko Edge 540 aerobatic monoplane.

We also started the production of a brand new custom made airshow biplane, a Pitts S1-11 Wolfpitts.

The Pitts S1S is used as a backup airplane to the Edge 540 but is also available for solo aerobatic displays and formation displays with the Edge.

New wings! As its time to upgrade the stock Pitts S1S airframe for 2022, the aircraft is getting a sew of new custom Super Stinker wings, and larger tailsection.

Short presentation movie


At the present Daniel Ryfa Airshows have 3 airplanes available for airshow work.

Zivko Edge 540

Pitts Special S1SS

Royal Aircraft Factory SE5a

Airplane projects!

Right now there is a new custom airshow Pitts S1-11 Wolf project in the workshop. Its a fully custombuild and high performance designed biplane only for Daniel. Stay tuned for more info!