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New in 2022! TQ Avionics in Germany have become an official sponsor and started a longterm relationship! Check put their great avionic products on:


New airshowplane for 2022! Zivko Edge 540! After 10 years in the russian Sukhoi 26 it was time to change to something new. Decision was on the Edge 540. Its a very modern design in composite. Very high performance monoplane with a 420 degree/sec roll rate, +-12G. Lycoming IO-540 Thunderbolt engine, skydynamics exhaust. Max speed 240kts. Cruise speed 190kts.

The aircraft have custom made winglets and in relation to the high cruise speed and low fuelburn it gives one of the most invironmental friendly airshow airplanes around today.






Airshow and race pilot

About Me

Borned in Stockholm, Sweden in 1979, Daniel is the most succesful aerobatic pilot in all times from a Scandinavian country. Beeing multiple Swedish and Nordic Aerobatic Champion and becoming the European Aerobatic champion in 2009. He is Also the only Scandinavian pilot to ever race in the Rebullairrace series.


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