Extra 330LX

A german aerobatic aircraft design. The LX is a 2 seat version, but beeing used in the redbullairrace its converted with a single canopy. The engine is a 330HP, 6-cylinder Lycoming engine and a german 3-blade MT-propeller. Its stressed for +-10G and have a max airspeed of 400km/hr.



Sukhoi Su26

Made in Russia by Sukhoi design bureau to a standard not available today it became the true beast from the east with superior performance. The airframe is made out of stainless steel, titanium, magnesium, carboonfiber and kevlar also making the airplane the strongest ever seen. The wingspar is stressed to 23G

The engine is a 9-cylinder radial M14PF delivering 400HP, making the airplane capable of hovering.

+12G -10G, Max climb rate 4500fpm, Max angle of climb 70 degrees, Max speed 450km/hr, stallspeed 110km/hr Weight 700kg, Range 500km.



R.A.F SE5a

Royal Aircraft Factory SE5a was the british primary fighter during world war 1. It has 2 machine guns, one in the fuselage and one ontop of the wing. many aces flew this fighter.

Daniels airplane is scratch build by himself over a 13-year period. Max speed 180km/hr, Arment 1 Vickers machine gun and 1 Lewis machine gun.



Piper Cub L4J “Grasshopper”

This particular aircraft was build in 1944 and deliverd to the US army and shipped over to Europe for service. Its been rebuild to its orginal specification. The L-4 was used extensively in World War II for reconnaissance, transporting supplies, artillery spotting duties, and medical evacuation of wounded soldiers.
Engine: Continental A-65, 65hp, Top Speed 122mph, Stall speed 35 mph, Endurance 6hrs, Basic Aerobatic